Once Each Day

I’m not sure if my day could get any weirder; it all started with a wake up call from my doctor, and no I’m not in hospital, I was at home in bed and he randomly called me; like I said, ‘weird.’


Choose wisely America, choose wisely; the world is watching.

I wonder what happened to the Community Pool today…

Colours of the Wind

Fall is that time of year when you’re too busy enjoying the colourful leaves to notice how stinking cold it is outside.


I really like corner buildings.

Remembering sadness is NOT the same as feeling sadness; I must remember that.

I wish you could see the inventions in my dreams.


The only “Once Each Day” I’ve been dong this past month has been school-work.



Leaving the Nest.

I was kinda looking forward to living on my own, and now that I’m finally on my own it’s suddenly not all I made it out to be.


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